Interactive Teaching Pad

Information Kiosk

DAVS is a leading manufacturer of touch screen, retail and information Kiosks in India. under the brand name of PEDAGOGY.

Kiosks have innovated the way Brand, advertisement and information shown to customer. It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor marketing when conjugate with our accomplished quality digital LED signage in built within kiosk. These touch Kiosks also drive heightened footfall by the means of better customer engagement, improved product visualization.

Retails touch screen Kiosks when placed at strategic locations; drive great sales volumes and also give end customers interactive, easier purchase experience.

We manufactures following types of touch screen Kiosks.

  1. Touch screen feedback Kiosks
  2. Corporate Kiosks
  3. Education Kiosks
  4. Exhibition touch Kiosks
  5. Visitor Management Kiosks
  6. Advertisement Kiosks
  7. Shopping Mall Information touch Kiosks
  8. Tourism Kiosks
  9. E-Governance Information and Self Service Kiosks
  10. Hospital Kiosks
  11. Bank Kiosks
  12. Hotel Kiosks

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