Installation Services

Installation Services

We have expertise in simple to complex AV installations which are handled with utmost care and are delivered always on schedule.


System installstion is the professional choice for complete digital projector and screen installation. We work together with your IT team or manager to implement a projector system that meets the needs of your business. Installation services include wiring all projector components—including the projector screen and all the cables needed for the system to work. In addition, we will provide an overview of how to utilize the benefits of your new projector set up. We know your time is valuable, so you can depend on us to work efficiently and meet your completion deadlines.

What to Expect: A Typical Projector Installation

Installing a projector system is a somewhat complex process. First, measurements are made to find the optimal distance from the projector to the screen. After finding the precise location, your choice of mount is installed on the wall or ceiling. We have worked with all kinds of mounts, whether they are a dedicated mount specific to your projector or a universal mount. Securely fastening the projector to the mount is a basic but important step so it stays secure over years of use. VGI, HDMI, and other projector cords are placed safely through the walls and fed to a wall drop box, where any devices that may be used to attach to the projector (such as a computer or laptop) can easy access connectivity points. Proper cord management is key for fire safety and maintaining a lasting connection to your projector.

Once the projector is working, we will install your pull down, fixed, or electric projection screen. To complete the set-up, a video calibration and keystone correction is generally needed to fix the skewing of images that occurs when a projector is not perpendicular to the screen. We do not quit until we quality test the whole system for proper alignment and focus.

Unlike other projector installation companies, our professional team will patch and paint any cuts made in the drywall and fully clean up any mess.

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