Boardroom solutions” have gone far beyond the traditional touch control systems, evolving into regional and/or global presentation and collaboration spaces; boosting the productivity, elevating team performances, and making more informed decisions. Boardroom Solutions

DAVS provides a highly qualitative, organized, simple to use and the best-suited technology based on your needs in the boardrooms, conference rooms and meeting rooms turning them into highly collaborative & user-friendly spaces.

Why It’s Important To Have A Board or Meeting Room

Staff meetings, client pop-ins and scheduled appointments are common for business. Having the space to hold such occasions is important for a lot of reasons.

Sure you can hold a meeting with the staff among cubicles, but are you guaranteed that everyone can hear you? Are you able to ensure they are paying attention to you and not their computers? With rows and rows of desks hidden behind partitions, it can be quite difficult to reach all of the staff. When clients come into the office, don’t you want to impress them and make them feel as an important part of your business? Of course you do! Small, cluttered offices and busy reception areas are distracting and not very appealing when you’re trying to dazzle your clients. Need to present new project ideas to your employees? Ample space is needed in order to show slides, posters, and for passing out pertinent information.

DAVS Provides Following Solutions For Advanced Boardrooms And Conference Rooms Design

  • Interactive touch LED display panels.
  • LED touch conference table.
  • video conferencing system.
  • Audio conferencing system.
  • Enterprise Networking Solution.
  • Touch control panels, switches, cables and Pop-up Box.
  • Acoustics Solution

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